Friday, December 29, 2006

About Collaboration

Most of my past collaborative writing efforts have been horrible experiences.

When actor Beau Daniels, an older bloke who, with a military and law enforcement/Secret Service background, has a much more regimented past than mine, first suggested we collaborate on a screenplay for an idea he came up with, I was very wary. His story was about a wheelchair-bound inventor who becomes imprisoned in an ultra-hi-tech smart-house that is so smart, it becomes jealous of his new girlfriend.

I liked the idea, but still vividly recalled the nastiness of my previous collaboration attempts with people similar to me. (Needless to say, when I publicly express any political/ideological opinions, I'm only representing myself, not my prodco or anybody else, not even my scripts that, since I want to be honest to the characters, may actually express points of view very different from my own).

Surprisingly, our collaboration efforts have turned out very well, and we have formed a prodco to take them to the next level. Our very different philosophical stances have enhanced our scripts, keeping things in balance.

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